Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do you like the sport ? why?

           I totally agree with the human beings who play video games or table games more than the sport  games ,because these games have a good effect on the brain

These games make you smart ;you will use the numbers and the next move in a good way .So if I want to have a good body with muscles ,I go to the gym

Alot of people have good bodies ;however ,the are stupid and they think with their body .For example ,when there are problems they just kick ,ather than solving it by talkig 

In conclusion ,I love to live with my brain ,not with my body

CESL ;Tornado and culture presentation

I couldn't make it to the presentation: sorry however, my friends in CESL told me about         
  My friends told me that the presentation was useful: it was with good and new information for
. some people

They talked about cultural problems, and also had extra information about the US culturl . I totally agree with this activity .It gives the people more knowledge 

In conclusion I will not be absent in the future to have more information and have more cultural knowledge

Saturday, April 14, 2012


     These sports have alot of danger on the players life .Boxing ,motorcycles and mountain climbing I  chose these like must dangerous sports.

First ,boxing is the most dangerous sport ,because the players compete in front of each oher ,not with cars or equipments and there is alot of pain .The kick will affect the plauer with big bruises.

Second ,I hate motorcycles ;they are cars with seats just seats with out body . There are many accidents ;however ,when the accident happens and the family watchs , It's hard for them .

 Thirdly ,mountain climbing is a very dangerous sport ,because all the game depend on the players ;the most important thing is the distance is far to the ground ;if you fall you will die .In conclusion ,the sport should be good training for the body.